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Energy Efficiency

The British Fenestration Rating Council Limited (BFRC) window rating system allows consumers to rapidly compare the energy efficiency of different products.

Windows are rated using a familiar A to G scale on the basis of their total energy efficiency, where an A-rated window is more energy efficient than a G-rated window.

Consumers can quickly and easily choose the most suitable window for their needs. The BFRC is an independent body that controls energy rating of windows as part of a European scheme.

Energy Rated Windows

A BFRC rating simply and effectively assesses the energy performance of the whole window.This rating covers the frame material, the frame design, the glass type and all the other components that make up the window.

For the first time it is possible to compare the energy performances of different complete windows simply and quickly. Make an informed choice.Ask to see the BFRC rating for windows before purchasing. If in doubt, check for local manufacturers of rated windows on the web at
Saving Money

Energy efficient windows may cost more initially but will not only improve comfort but will save energy and money for the life of the window. Over the life of a window, the cost of heat lost is greater than the purchase cost. Choosing the most energy efficient window will save money.
Choosing Windows

The BFRC rating makes selecting windows for energy efficiency easy, it allows windows to be easily compared to find the most energy efficient product. If windows are not BFRC rated, selecting windows for energy efficiency is more difficult and the following information should be considered.
Reducing Air Flow

Uncontrolled air flow through a window loses heat and creates uncomfortable draughts. Windows with compression seals reduce uncontrolled air flow, provide good ventilation when opened and have better resistance to uncontrolled air flow than the sliding seals on vertical sliding windows. Installation workmanship also affects the air flow through a window. Reputable installers should always be chosen to reduce air flow and heat loss.


  • The best way to compare windows for energy efficiency is to use the BFRC rating.
  • BFRC rating is on a scale of A to G, where an A-rated window is more energy efficient than a G-rated window.
  • Look for the BFRC label on windows and in literature to easily compare windows for energy efficiency.
  • Different combinations of frame style, frame material, and glazing can yield very
    different results when trying to compare energy efficiency and cost. All of these factors can be compared using the BFRC rating.
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